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lessons from euro trip

- Juli 02, 2019
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lessons from euro trip

 Some great inspiring values/lessons that I get from eurotrip:
- dress well or go home - love walking -love bike -we responsible to our own garbage
-on time -respect others -not judging -contribution for society -cooking by themselves -healthy lifestyle -enjoy life

There's no compromise. Even one second. Bus will go on time. Train door will be closed on time. I am almost pinched by metro door. Fortunately there are some people succed to pull the door again to let me in. I still can feel that door on my face & cheek right now. I almost dead

Just before metro comes, Ning ask me to take her pict. As usual, she isn't satisfied. She want me to take another shoot. Then I have not enough time to reach the metro. Ning puts me in trouble many times.But I'm trained to be managed by scorpio's flaws,so I survive

Walking with spoiled girl is actually not my preference.There're some occasions where I have opportunity to hang out or socialize with some kind of upper class.Sometime I think maybe time for me to upgrade of lift up my lifestyle etc.But many times I realize I was born to be egaliter

Because of the metro on time closing door also, 4 persons of tour group left in the metro while 6 other persons has out. The tour leader is forced to catch up those 4 to next station. It has been midnight,our journey obstructed because of this incident

But from this incident, we get another lesson. First, never far from the group or you will lost. Second, whatever happen, the group safety and togetherness is the priority. Rather than angry, we feel sorry n worry each other. Thanks God, we unite again

The most exciting about 2 weeks in europe is I can socmed fasting. Having 80 Whatsapp group make me tiring everyday. Then europe trip release me from that tension coz I don't even open whatsapp, except for conference and tour purpose. I get peace, feel contentful.

Dutch mindset that ignorant with other's business, inspires me to liberate my self more from irrelevant matters. It works well, actually. Because we don't have to endure unmecessary burdens. Lighter the load, more spacious life and soul.

At Holland, there's no people shout each other. No fight, no drama. No anger. No horn car shouting to pedestrian. No jam. Ney ney. Everyone act in silence. Very quiet in airport, station, train, bus, store, etc. Everyone looks happy, smile, laugh or stay calm.

Many people have enthusiast to learn and study. I meet Maroco girl who get 3 masters from VU univ for 3 different subject at same time. Spiritual science, communication and religious studies. She keeps chasing me after my paper presentation, asking many question etc

I also met Brazilian girl who get PhD in ecology subject. In Brazil, the education is free until PhD. She plan to teach in her university if possible. But she also has alternative plan to make online courses coz now we have more options and support tech in this era.

Hope this inspires you all!

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